Hurricane Hugo 1989 - Isle of Palms, South Carolina 1989 - Hurricane Hugo (Isle of Palms, SC) 3R cleaned buildings, debris removal and transportation to aid the South Carolinian Coastline. 





Colonial Pipeline Spill1991 - Enoree River, South Carolina 1991 - Colonial Pipeline Enoree River Spill (Enoree, SC) 0.7 million gallons of diesel. 3R did the following:
1. At an underflow damn, 3R setup and operated booms, skimmers, pumps, and a 6,000 gal storage tank.
2. At the Enoree Lake, 3R used vacuum trucks and pumps to load large volumes into tankers which the diesel was hauled and offloaded to a Spartanburg tank farm.
3. Later, a company manager told 3R Inc. that they had a serious problem offloading the tankers as fast as the tankers were being loaded. He asked if 3R Inc. could help them solve this problem. We said yes we could. Within about four hours and additional equipment, 3R Inc. was offloading the tankers faster than they could be loaded.
4. During the initial spill cleanup there were many environmental companies containing, removing and hauling diesel. 3R Inc. was the sole company used for the final cleanup of 26 miles of the Enoree River and Lake. 3R Inc. used over 100 men for the final cleanup. Afterwards, not even a sheen could be seen.

1991 - Chemical Plant Explosion (Charleston, SC) 3R, Inc prevented numerous chemicals and firefighting water from entering the Ashley River resulting from the chemical explosion. 3R contained, remediated and managed transportation and disposal.

SS Santa Clara Magnesium Phosphide Spill 1992 - Charleston, South Carolina 1992 - SS Santa Clara I Magnesium Phosphide Spill (Charleston, SC). Prior to entering the Charleston Harbor, the SS Santa Clara went through a storm that spilt large quantities of arsenic trioxide and magnesium phosphide on the ship’s deck and cargo hatches. A quantity of arsenic trioxide (As2O3) smaller than an aspirin can kill an adult. Magnesium phosphide (Mg3P2) is packaged under vacuum because it reacts with moisture in the air to slowly yield phosphine gas (PH3) which is highly toxic, explosive, and heavier than air and will exploded when exposed to sparks or static electricity. Due to its autoignition, when phosphine gas reaches a concentration of 1.8%, it will explode without a source of ignition. With this in mind, 3R’s first action was to install an explosion proof ventilation system that would exhaust the gases from the bottom of the cargo hatch. When magnesium phosphide is exposed to water it instantly explodes with a humongous fireball with a large amounts of toxic phosphine gas. A piece of magnesium phosphide slightly smaller than a marble can create a fireball approximated eight-feet in diameter. The adjacent cargo hatch was full of arsenic trioxide. Can you imagine what damage tons of these two chemicals would have created in Charleston? Thinking that 3R Inc. was taking too much time to study and develop an action plan, a local environmental competitor tried to get permission for them to use their vacuum truck to immediately vacuum up the magnesium phosphide. Another factor that he was probably unaware of was once exposed to air, after the material is placed in a drum, it could explode simply by removing the lid. In order to reopen the shipyard and protect the people working there, the SS Santa Clara was moved to an isolated point in the Charleston harbor where the magnesium phosphide was deactivated.

Hurricane Andrew 1992 - Miami, Florida 1992 - Hurricane Andrew (Miami, Florida) 3R performed demolition, removed and transported debris for disposal.





Albany Georgia Flood 1994 - Albany, Georgia 1994 - Albany Georgia Flood (Albany, GA) 3R performed various remediation projects such as rebuilding storm drainage systems, pumping, vacuum truck work, dewatering, humidifying buildings, replacing wet sheet rock, painting, demolition, transportation, and cleaning trees and debris from streams, rivers and lakes.




Paper Mill Spill 1996 - Upstate, South Carolina 1996 - Paper Mill Spill (Upstate, SC) 20,000 gallons of No. 6 fuel oil - 3R remediated the spill where it flowed down a hill and into a swamp. The fuel was mixed with sawdust and used to generate steam in the plants boiler.




1996 Colonial Pipeline Reedy River 1996 - Colonial Pipeline Reedy River Spill (Greenville, SC) 3R, Inc. helped contain and remove nearly one million gallons of diesel in 23 miles of the Reedy River. 3R installed booms to contain the spill. Behind booms, 3R used skimmers, pumps, and vacuum trucks to put the diesel into tanks.



1999 - Carolina Eastman Spill (Columbia, SC) No. 6 fuel oil spilled in fuel oil pump building, storm sewer, wastewater sewer, ash pond and one mile of stream. 3R contained, remediated, transported and disposed of all waste. 3R, Inc. had to segregate parts of the ash pond with a temporary dam, dewater the contaminated ash, load it on trucks, and transport the ash to a disposal site.

Mercury Spills in 1,363 Homes in 2000 - Chicago, Illinois

2000 - Mercury Spills in 1,363 Homes (Chicago, IL) Mercury Spills in 1,363 Homes (Chicago, Illinois) – Several natural gas companies hired numerous piping contractors to replace mercury pressure regulators with Mercury free regulators. Later it was discovered that many of the contractors spilled Mercury and 1,363 homes were affected. 3R, Inc. helped inspect and analyze approximately 361,000 homes for Mercury. Also, 3R helped to decontaminate some of the 1,363 homes.



Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Spill in 2000 - Swanson Creek, Maryland

2000 - Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Spill (Swanson Creek, MD) 140,000 gallons #6 fuel oil. 3R laid, removed and decontaminated using boom and absorption material. As time went on, some of the oil started to sink to the bottom. 3R removed #6 that sunk around beach homes, and devised systems to efficiently remove sunken oil

2001 - Houston Flood (Houston, TX) 3R pumped flood waters from an underground parking garage, removed cars, cleaned and decontaminated the garage all of which resulted from Tropical Storm Allison.

2001 - Large Sunken Dredge (Clark Hills Lake, GA) 30,000 gallon diesel spill which 3R contained utilizing containment booms alongside sweep to the outer side. We then removed the oil with a rotating skimmer, oil water seperator, 200 gallon tank and them pumped the diesel to 5,000 gallon tanks to be disposed of.

World Trade Center 9/11 in 2001 - New York, NY 2001 - World Trade Center 9/11 (New York, NY) 3R had two separate crews working on the 911 disaster. One crew was working on cleanup and decontamination of equipment and vehicles leaving the site. The other crew operated heavy equipment for segregation and inspection of building and other debris for the FBI.




Bouchard Barge 120 Spill in 2003 - Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts 2003 - Bouchard Barge 120 Spill (Buzzards Bay, MA) 100,000 Gallon #6, 3R performed beach remediation and equipment decontamination.





National Disaster Relief for Hurricane Isable in 2003 - Norfolk, Virginia 2003 - National Disaster Relief for Hurricane Isable (Norfolk, VA) 3R helped with the removal of 44 million gallons of river water from the flooded Midtown Tunnel. 3R cleaned and decontaminated the tunnel.




Athos I Tanker Oil Spill in 2004 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2004 - Athos I Tanker Oil Spill (Philadelphia, PA) 425,000 gallons of Venezuelan crude oil. The Athos is a 13,000,000 gallon tanker that developed a leak and lost power when it struck an 18,000 pound anchor in the bottom of the Delaware River. 3R helped clean up the Shoreline.




Hurricane Katrina Spills in 2005 - Venice Louisiana 2005 - Hurricane Katrina (Venice, LA) several million gallons of a variety of oils. 3R, Inc helped remediate marshes.





2005 Jurricane Katrina 2005 - National Disaster Relief from Hurricane Katrina (Gulfport New Orleans area) USDOT Hwy 90 Reconstruction Project. Biloxi, Gulfport, Pass Christian, Ocean Springs - 3R, Inc. helped clean the Hwy 90 beachfront storm water sewer between Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi. The storm sewer was full of all types of debris such as sand, bricks, and wood. We even found bowling balls, laptop computers, toys, a door to a safe and a live six-foot alligator. On this project, 3R used hi-volume waterjet operations, confined space entry, vac-truck operations and removed the debris from large diameter storm water outfalls.


2006 - National Disaster Relief from Hurricane Katrina (City of New Orleans and 5 parishes) 3R used a Sewer Jetter vacuum truck and trailer to clean sanitary sewers using robotic CCTV inspections. FEMA did not pay 3R, Inc. one penny of the money owed.

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010 - Cocodrie, Louisiana 2010 - BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (Cocodrie, LA) 205.8 million gallons of crude oil. 3R had 23 employees and six boats remediating the marshes and islands around Cocodrie, LA. Some of the work consisted of operating oil skimmers, equipment and boat decontamination, and laying and removing absorption material and booms. Part of the time they lived and worked off of a barge that was 8 miles offshore. Some of the men worked on oil skimmer boats.



Enbridge Pipeline Oil Spill in 2010 - Marshall, Michigan

2010 Enbridge Pipeline Oil Spill (Marshall, MI) Approximately 819,000 gallons crude oil. 3R had 2 Health and Safety officers, 9 site supervisors, 9 cleanup techs, 12 boat operators and 12 boats for cleaning up and removing crude all from the Kalamazoo River. In anticipation of BP needing large quantities of qualified people, 3R trained 360 people in 40 hour Hazmat classes and hands on training. This enabled us to work on the BP spill and this spill at the same time.



2014 - Decommissioned Electroplating Factory (Clayton, GA) 3R pumped out all plating and waste water treatment equipment, drummed and labeled contents for disposal, decontaminated all equipment and then removed and transported all tanks and equipment


South Carolina 1,000 Year Flood in 2015 - Columbia, South Carlina2015 - SC 1,000 Year Flood (Columbia, SC) Pumping and victim assistance.