Camera Line Inspection (CCTV)

Camera Line Inspection EquipmentA Close Captioned Television, or CCTV, Camera Line Inspection is a process in which a camera sent through a pipeline to locate sources of blockage, rust, and holes located in sewer pipes.  


Issues such as these are important to deal with quickly when they arise. These damages can, over time, have adverse on pipelines and can lead to much more expensive issues down the road.


The usage of a CCTV is primarily diagnostic in nature as it is used to find out where and to what extent a pipeline issue exists. Once located, 3R can then advise on the best way to rectify the problem to have the pipeline back to full working potential.


Camera Line Inspection Picture


Camera Line Inspection service, we offer we will provide our clients with a DVD of the inspection. This allows you to be able to see the exact state your drainage system is in and you will be able identify these so you will be able to prevent this by utilizing future planning and maintenance in your system.


The unique value-add 3R, Inc. has with this service is the extensive width and depth of experience we bring.  This allows us to accurately define the best course of action in our diagnosis on time and within budget.


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